How do we present a solution?

How do we present a solution?

Presenting a solution to a question in general and of math question in particular, may not be as simple as that and at  the same time as difficult as a Greek puzzle. It is something in between depending upon the audience. 

So if presentation of a solution of a math question is audience dependent then how do we present our free of cost past paper solutions for a variety of intended audience? That is exactly where our point of attention and means of  success, to become the number one choice of O and A level students around the world, lies.

The Most Struggling Student

Before we start solving a question for others, we put ourselves in the shoes of an imaginary student who is  struggling most. Why this? It is evident that when we put ourselves in the shoes of a most struggling student only  then we can appreciate the problems anyone can face while tackling a particular question. We have to address all  his/her difficulties which he/she might face during the endeavour of finding solution of a question.

Addressing All Queries

We address all the queries which might a rises in the mind of a student. It includes what we need to do to find  solution of a question and also why we need to do the same. When what and why questions are addressed only  then we expect a student to be satisfied with the presented solution.

Theoretical Background

We might explain to a student what we are required to achieve in a math question. Then we can even explain how it  can be achieved, but without explaining or describing the theoretical background it would be a vague idea which  might help a genius but not the masses. Therefore, once we explain what needs to be done to achieve a particular goal we also explain the basic formulae along with theoretical explanation how to do that. It makes a  concrete idea and also helps a student  reinforce theory related to that particular topic.

Each Question A Complete Solution

Each question related to any specific topic is presented as a complete entity. The core concept or step running  through all the questions of a particular topic is explained and repeated in each and every solution which makes  each and every solution a complete solution. In this way student does not need to go anywhere else to look for theory and somewhere else for solution. Moreover, after studying a couple of questions related to same topic,  student becomes proficient in understanding the basic concept of the topic and also becomes dexterous in  application of the concept.

Differentiation of Theory & Implementation

For the want of efficiency a student who is already comfortable with theory of a particular topic may not like to go  through theoretical explanation of a step or manipulation but only want to address queries related to application of  that concept, we have differentiated between the two in our presentation of the solution. All the implementations are  presented in black text whereas all the theoretical concepts and formulae are presented in red text. If someone feels  the need to reinforce the concepts and memorise the formulae, may go through red text in each question of  the same topic. Otherwise it may be skipped. In this way, the detailed explanation of the solution does not hamper  the pace of a student who is not struggling with basics and at the same time becomes a great resource for the one  who need help in basic concepts as well as its implementation.

Down to The Basics

Besides theoretical concepts and their implementation, sometime even the basic manipulations of expressions and  equations may pose a challenge for some students. To cater for the needs of such solutions, every effort is made to  even explain very basic operation in manipulation of equations and expressions. However, to keep all the solution easily readable we present such details in green text. A green text indicating the easy steps depicts fast  lane for all those who do not want to get bogged down in petty details.