How Do These Solutions Help

How do these solutions help?


What do you do when stuck with a question? Or what do you think is the best strategy  to learn a question?


Seeking Help from Tutor


The first thing that comes to mind to learn is to seek help. This help may be from a  teacher, a mentor or a solutions’ book. You try to assimilate as much as possible from  your teacher by asking for clarity and theoretical background. However, this does not  come as free meal. Since there are no free meals, you have to pay the teacher for his  services.


Seeking Help from Solution Books

On the other hand you pay less for the solution book to consult for any problem’s  solution as compared to the rumination of a teacher but then you are losing the liberty  and opportunity to ask questions for clarity and theoretical background of a problem.

Moreover, these solution books only provide solution to a question in a shortest  possible space owing to the size of the book. None of these is the case with the past papers and their solutions we provide on our website.


Free of Cost Past Papers’ Solutions

Our past paper solutions are more than solutions. These past papers solutions come  absolutely free of cost. Our past papers solutions set you free from the economic  shackles because our past papers solutions are absolutely free of cost. You do not  need to pay a single penny to consult solution of any of past papers’ questions. That is  not the only benefit, you may consult the past papers solutions as many times as you  please. 


More than a Solution


Besides being available free of cost all the time, our past paper solutions are replete  with theoretical background.  It’s not just the past paper solutions we present, it’s the  detailed explanation. It all starts with defining the goal-post. First we highlight where we  are required to reach or what we are required to answer for the solution of a past  paper question. Then we move step-by-step to our destination. Each step has detailed  explanation. Not only how to take each step, we also explain why we need to take a  particular step.


Theoretical Explanation with Detailed Procedure


Moreover, it is not like thrusting each and every theoretical concept of the concerned  subject down your throat and then just presenting past paper solution of each and  every question. We present each and every question with theoretical background  conceptual information and all the necessary details. If you consult a couple of  questions related to a particular theoretical concept and their solutions involving a  specific set of procedural steps, each past paper solution will present the particular theoretical concept first and then specific set of procedural steps. It has a  twofold impact; one you need not to go back to theoretical pages to look for the  theoretical background, second you go through each and every set of procedural steps.  In this way, you are reminded particular theoretical concept every time you  consult a related past paper solution and also you practice the specific set of  procedural steps required in that particular situation.

In a nutshell, just pick any question and see its solution. You would not feel the need to  go to theoretical portions of your text/reference books. A single solution of the past  paper question of a particular topic will suffice to theoretically explain and practically solve any other question of same topic.