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The first, second and third terms of a geometric progression are ,  and  respectively.

(i)       Show that  satisfies the equation 7k2 48k + 36 = 0.

(i)       Find, showing all necessary working, the exact values of the common ratio corresponding to  each of the possible values of k.

(ii)        One of these ratios gives a progression which is convergent. Find the sum to infinity.



From the given information, we can collect following information about this Geometric Progression  (G.P).

Expression for Common Ratio () in a Geometric Progression (G.P) is;



We are required to solve the following equation obtained in (i);

Now we have two options.

Now we can find using these values of and following equation;


We are required to find the sum to infinity of a progression which is convergent.

A geometric series is said to be convergent if  (or   ).

Therefore, for the given case;

Expression for the sum to infinity of the Geometric Progression (G.P) when  or ;