Past Papers’ Solutions | Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) | AS & A level | Mathematics 9709 | Pure Mathematics 1 (P1-9709/01) | Year 2018 | May-Jun | (P1-9709/13) | Q#5


The diagram shows a triangle OAB in which angle OAB = 90o and OA = 5 cm. The  arc AC is part of a circle with centre O. The arc has length 6 cm and it meets OB at  C. Find the area of the shaded region.


It is evident from the diagram that;

Therefore, we find areas of triangle OAB and circular sector AOC one-by-one.

First we find area of triangle OAB.

Expression for the area of the triangle is;


We can see from the diagram that;


We need to find height of triangle OAB.

It is given that triangle OAB is a right-angled triangle in which angle OAB = 90o.

Expression for  trigonometric ratio in right-triangle is;


We need to find .

It is evident that in the triangle OAB is the same as in circular sector  AOC.

Expression for length of a circular arc with radius and angle  rad is;

For the given case;



Next we need to find area of circular sector AOC.

Expression for area of a circular sector with radius and angle  rad is;

For the given case;

As demonstrated above ; hence,