How math question is solved?

How math question is solved? It cannot be further emphasized that math is the art of learning how to tackle a practical problem. So what do you do  to solve a practical problem at hand? Well, all that applied to solving a mathematics question. Understand the Requirements& Expectations It is not an exaggeration that only a good reader can be […]

How do we present a solution?

How do we present a solution? Presenting a solution to a question in general and of math question in particular, may not be as simple as that and at  the same time as difficult as a Greek puzzle. It is something in between depending upon the audience.  So if presentation of a solution of a math question is audience dependent […]


  Learn online; from your place at your pace We understand that learning is laborious. We are determined to eradicate at least time  and space barriers so that you can learn at your very own pace and place and that too  free of cost. Look out for the solution of your problem with necessary theoretical  explanation. We are striving […]

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  You can bank on our solution bank We are the good tiding for O level and A level students. No matter which board you are about to take your examination through. You have come to the right place if you were looking for substantial and authentic  academic help, absolutely free of cost. We believe in caring through sharing. […]


  CIE Board: Topic wise Solutions of  Questions of Pure Mathematics 1 (P1) Integration Differentiation Coordinate Geometry Circular Measure  Trigonometry Functions Progressions/Sequences Vectors  Binomial Theorem/Expansion

How Do These Solutions Help

How do these solutions help?   What do you do when stuck with a question? Or what do you think is the best strategy  to learn a question?   Seeking Help from Tutor   The first thing that comes to mind to learn is to seek help. This help may be from a  teacher, a mentor or a solutions’ […]

Importance of Past Papers

Importance of Past Papers It does not matter whether one is student of O level or A level. It also does not matter  which subject one has chosen to study in O level or A level. It also does not matter  whether one is taking O level or A level exam through any of Cambridge International Examinations, Alliance for Qualification […]

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With our deepest and humble pride, we have made the solutions of all questions on Arithmetic & Geometric Progressions/Series/Sequences available online. It is absolutely free of cost. Your comments and feedback will surely help us improve the quality of our service and accuracy of our solutions.