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Past Papers’ Solutions | Edexcel | AS & A level | Mathematics | Core Mathematics 1 (C1-6663/01) | Year 2017 | June | Q#2

Hits: 81 Question Given , find the value of   when x=8, writing your answer in the form  where a is a rational number. Solution We are given; We are required to find . Gradient (slope) of the curve is the derivative of equation of the curve. Hence gradient of curve  with respect to  is: Therefore; Rule for differentiation […]

Past Papers’ Solutions | Assessment & Qualification Alliance (AQA) | AS & A level | Mathematics 6360 | Pure Core 1 (6360-MPC1) | Year 2017 | June | Q#1

Hits: 71   Question a.  Express  in the form , where m and n are integers.  b. Solve the equation giving your answer in its simplest form. Solution a.   We are given; If we need a rational number in the denominator of a fraction, we need to follow procedure of  “denominator rationalization” as given below. ü If the […]