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Find the coordinates of the points of intersection of the curve  with the curve .


If two lines (or a line and a curve) intersect each other at a point then that point lies on both lines i.e.  coordinates of that point have same values on both lines (or on the line and the curve).  Therefore, we can equate  coordinates of both lines i.e. equate equations of both the lines (or the  line and the curve).

Equation of the curve 1 is;

Equation of the curve 2 is;

Equating both equations;

Let  then . Therefore;

Now we have two options.


Two values of x indicate that there are two intersection points.

With x-coordinate of point of intersection of two lines (or line and the curve) at hand, we can find the  y-coordinate of the point of intersection of two lines (or line and the curve) by substituting value  of x-coordinate of the point of intersection in any of the two equations;

We choose;

Hence, coordinates of the points of intersection of the two curves are;

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