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Find the value of the term which is independent of  in the expansion of


Expression for the general term in the Binomial expansion of  is:

In the given case:


Since we are looking for value of the term independent of , i.e. : we can  equate

Finally substituting  in:

Therefore the value of the term independent of   is 54.

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  • pkhaloo

    Great job Sir, You have helped so many of us understand and also appreciate the subject that you teach in this site. Thank you. I have a question concerning Cambridge A level Mathematics syllabus. Would you , in a foreseeable future, also , include Paper 3 ?

    • your tutor

      Dear pkhaloo !!

      Unfortunately, we won’t. Actually the website may not be available beyond September when its subscription expires.

      We apologizes for the inconvenience but it is not possible to continue. I hope you understand.