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The polynomial  is given by  .

a.   Use the Factor Theorem to show that  is a factor of .

b.   Express  as the product of three linear factors.



Factor theorem states that if  is a factor of   then;

For the given case  is factor of .

We can write the factor in standard form as;

Here  and . Hence;

Hence,  is factor of .


If  is a polynomial of degree  then  will have exactly  factors, some of which may repeat.

We are given a polynomial of degree ,

Therefore, it will have 03 factors some of which may repeat.

From (a:i) we already have 01 factor  of .

We may divide the given polynomial with any of the already known linear factor(s) to get a quadratic  factor and then factorize the obtained quadratic factor to find the 2nd and 3rd linear  factors.

For the given case;

Already known factor from (a:i) is .

We may divide the given polynomial by factor .


Therefore, we get the quadratic factor  for given polynomial. 

Now we factorize this quadratic factor.

Hence,  can be written as product of three linear factors as follows;

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